Christian Reister is a photographer who seems to relish change and movement, and the natural dynamism of cities and people. Perhaps best known for his photographs of Alexanderplatz – collected together in his wonderful book “Alex” – Reister’s work is about capturing the life stories of ordinary people and the environments that bear silent witness to those tales. Though known as a street photographer, Christian could just as well be described as a documentary historian. His camera takes in a broad sweep of citizenry and places: the (unfashionably) unkempt and the grey-haired as well as the dashing and dramatic.
– Dougal Squires, June 2012 –


Christian Reister, *1972, lives and works in Berlin
Documentary, Street Photography, Portraiture

Artist Statement

Driven by an inborn curiosity about my fellow humans, I take photographs in public places or at events in big cities. With the exception of portrait projects I normally neither stage anything nor manipulate the scenes that I try to catch in a photograph. The longer I have worked as a photographer, the more I believe that reality itself produces the most interesting images.


When I started photography I travelled to big cities all over the world. In recent years I have focused on my home city of Berlin to work on long-tern projects that may last several years.


My photographs might work as single images but series are more interesting and important to me. I think single images are fine, just as great pop singles are. Nevertheless, in music it’s the concerts and the albums that provide deeper insight into the artistic work. That’s why I do exhibitions and books and care a lot about editing, combinations, installations and layouts.
– Christian Reister, autumn 2013 –


Self-published artist books and zines

since 2016 | DRIFTWOOD | 3-monthly photo zine by Christian Reister
2015 | ALLE KATZEN GRAU | Christian Reister
2014 | BIST DU GLÜCKLICH? | Christian Reister
2013 | BERLIN + WIEN | Christian Reister + Kay von Aspern. Texts by Andrea Diener and Nick Turpin
2010 | ALEX | Christian Reister. Text by Falk Schreiber
2008 | ANKUNFT BEI AUFBRUCH | Christian Reister, Andreas Rost, Sebastian Hesse. Text by Ilija Trojanow und Ranjit Hoskoté

Magazines, catalogues, whatever…

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ADAC Reiseführer // Berlin Art Info // Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung // Berliner Morgenpost // Berliner Zeitung // Bild // Bild der Frau // Brennpunkt // Bunte // Čili Chili // design report // Die Welt // Financial Times Deutschland // Fränkischer Tag // Gold’Or // Handelsblatt // HörZu // Jüdische Allgemeine Zeitung // Katalog Europäischer Monat der Fotografie in Berlin 2008 und 2010 // Katalog 6. Kunstsalon // Krone.at // Kunstzeitung // National Geographic // Photopresse // Prinz Berlin // Rheinische Merkur // scheinschlag // Spiegel // Süddeutsche Zeitung // Tagesspiegel // taz // Tip // u_mag // Uncle Sally’s // Vorwärts Magazin Zeitblende // Welt am Sonntag // Westdeutsche Zeitung // Wiener Zeitung // Zitty // etc.

Photographic education

Started photography around the year 2000 as an autodidact

2002 – 2004 | Seminar with Andreas Rost / Imago Fotokunst, Berlin
2004 – 2006 | Seminar with Ute Mahler / Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung, Berlin
2008 | Workshop with Thomas Hoepker / Neue Schule, Berlin
2014 | Photobook workshop with Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing

Curator and memberships

Since 2005 | Initiator und curator of Fenster61 // Fenster für Fotoprojekte // Berlin, DE // www.fenster61.de
2010-2014 | Member of Seconds2Real since 2010 // www.seconds2real.org
2009-2013 | member of neunplus // www.neunplus.com